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This would be great except, work

"I like getting older, I feel like I’m aging into my personality."

— Nick Miller (via oliveandbruise)


You work so hard, just to end up at home crying yourself to sleep; remember you’re trying, you are moving mountains that have plagued you since you were young, and you’re trying so hard.

Keep fighting, fight until you have won. Fight until you have found your way home, until the sun comes back and your heart learns to love the mornings again.


— T.B. LaBerge // Go Now (via h-o-r-n-g-r-y)

"I like messy people; people who don’t fit in a box or stay between the lines, but whose integrity is greater than any rule book and whose loyalty is stronger than blood."

— Jim Wern (via thehistoryofsilence)


» Matthew 22:36-38

"The world is not lacking in wonders, but in a
sense of wonder."

— G.K. Chesterton (via lazarusknowsthetruth)


This is the best gif you’ll ever see

"Legalistic remorse says, ‘I broke God’s rules,’ while real repentance says, ‘I broke God’s heart’."

— Timothy Keller  (via withonefootinafairytale)

"Being both soft and strong is a combination very few have mastered."

— Yasmin Mogahed (via themountainlaurel)



"Love does not dominate; it cultivates."

— Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (via laurenarlene)


We expect people to be kind, when in the same breath we say how much we hate everyone. If we want to see change; be brave enough to actually change yourself.